Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ascended Master Kwan Yin: Be Spirit Embodied

Ascended Master Kwan Yin says "I will teach them to be Free."

Kwan Yin is known as the bodhisattva (Enlightenment Being) or Goddess of Compassion, Mercy.
She is all about spiritual focus. Which, when we let it, makes Everything Easy.

As spirit in body, Kwan Yin powerfully assists us to come into alignment with our Source, with our Light, with our Path: knowing our spiritual Royalty/Seniority here on the Earth: all in!

Allow yourself to create or deepen your present-time relationship with Kwan Yin, clear your own and other's opinions & general religious information about her.
Come to KNOW Kwan Yin deeply for yourself, and be Supported as you shift to BEing who you are and serving in your unique way, getting back your own Free-Will.

By working directly with Kwan Yin, energetically, you can learn to:
Allow spiritual focus, seniority and conscious connection to the God of your Heart (your unique experience of Source)
  • in your spiritual expereince, here & now,
  • in your body and your expereince of this reality, 
  • in your life, and manifesting your unique path.
When we truly experience ourselves, others, the world from a spiritual perspective - 
there is nothing but compassion.

Workshop in July 2014: 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Ascended Master Moses: BE a Leader

BE a Leader as a Way of Life, with Ascended Master Moses.

We are each called to live out a unique and significant role in this lifetime for the betterment of our soul as well as the universe as a whole. Now is the time to step into it, more.

• Be Inspired to be a Powerful Leader - within yourself and in your life - by following your spiritual information.

• Practice Opening to your inner voice, the call of your path, the difference only you can uniquely make in your world.

• Moses embodied these Leadership qualities, he can show you how!

Ascended Master Moses was a reluctant Leader, as many of us have been.
But, he learned to stop putting up with how things were - within himself and in his world, and he grew into the place where he could step out, trust himself, listen-to his spiritual leading, make a difference in the world!
Moses made a Huge difference, he changed the course of history.
Are you ready to do the same?

Moses made such an enormous difference because he listened to his spiritual information, and he followed it.
He climbed a holy mountain, going where others feared to tread.
He had the courage and willingness to go to his Source, to be blessed and filled with Light, and to receive marching orders - not just for himself, but for his entire tribe.
Are you ready to do the same?

Every great thing he did came out of his burning bush experience - he went to the desert, he let go, he hit bottom.THEN he found the true God, he found his connection, his purpose and his path.
After that, each step he danced with God, while the people and patterns of the world resisted and judged.

We see him as so great, powerful, world-changing, courageous… only becasue we have the easy historical vantage point.
In real-time, every step he took, every mind he changed, every new path he led - was HARD!
- so unpopular, he had to move through so much friction, resistance, changing the flow... change is hard, even when it is great!

Moses can help us let go of who we think we are, and be willing to take on new roles, then be willing to let them go, take on new ways of being - repeat.


When I ask Moses about BEing a Leader, he shows me a picture of him leading a multitude.
Nothing new there, until he points out:
You know how folks say, I have to get my ducks in a row, THEN I can do X.
Well, that isn't how it's done. 

In real life, getting ducks to line up is just as hard as herding cats - basically impossible - they are ALL Over the place.
UNTIL the Momma Duck moves - she GOES where she wants to go, and she goes fast!
And all the baby ducks paddle, scurry, flap as fast as they possibly can, right along - lining up behind her - it is Magical to watch!

THAT is what it is to BE a Leader within our own system, as well as in the world, and with others. We GO where we want to go, and we don't dawdle!
All manner of people, places, things, potentialities... will line up with our Purposeful Action - count on it!

Reminds me of this popular and very useful quote:
Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back-- Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way.
Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.
Begin it now.

- which turns out to be a paraphrased mash-up of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as well as W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition

January 2015: HOLY MOSES! Reclaim Leadership over your Domain (Meditation Workshop)

Contained in only this workshop, especial focus with Lynn Brown, on working with Moses around:
1 - Love of the land and animals, and love of “his people".
2 - The Promised Land.
3 - Direct communication with the God of your Heart.  Focusing on the Goal given to You, with body, mind, and spirit.
4 - What is it for you to “go to your desert.”  Being ok being alone, being in solitude.  Removing toxins from your life and flying solo.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ascended Master, Ancient Venus: BE Supported by the Earth

Consciously and energetically learn from Ancient Venus:
Allowing a new way to BE Supported by the Earth

Statues of Ancient Venus are found around Europe and surrounding areas, dating from 11-35,000 years ago. 

Ancient Venus can assist us all to:
- Ground as the Earth.
- BE: the Earth IS us.
- Relax into the Support and Ease that is our Birthright. - Invite energies of the Earth & Cosmos to help us spiritually (and from there, physically) shift with no-effort.

Ancient Venus can assist Women to:
- Own our Female anatomy, naturally.
- Recapture a time of feminine leadership, when the hearth and home was feminine domain.
- Practice letting our female creative energy soar - Inviting our feminine magic of bringing life, art, work into the world with no effort… with ease.

- Own powerful female energy and power, for ourselves.
- Be fruitful as the Earth is.
- Be Pregnant with possibilities.

- BE Mother, be fruitful, be creative outpouring into the world!
- Dream our creations into reality.

Women's Night: BEing with Mother Earth and Easeful Creating, with Ancient Venus - March 10, 2014 
- Nov 1, 2015

want to see more pics?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ascended Master: Melchizedek: BE the Tree of Life

Melchizedek, an Ascended Masters' Master.
His Game is Bigger than the Earth-game, it is all of our Universe... and so is ours!

He comes from a foundation of peace, of soul-rest.
He runs a crazy high vibration.

From here he equips us and supports us to face and be-with the full-spectrum of our expereince in this world of dichotomies - to face the Light and the Dark in ourselves and in our world with Power, Stability, Equanimity.

He can help us have neutrality and compassion with folks choosing the dark-side - many of us do this, consciously and unconsciously. 

He can assist us to be empowered in taking authority over spirits.
He is a tremendous ally in intense spiritual 'warfare', for example when 'fighting' 'demons' who are strengthened because of alliance with humans.

I don't have permission yet to do a workshop with him, but, I don't want to leave him out ; )

Ascended Master, Buddha: BE Clear

Get to Know the guy who inspired Buddhism and the spread of meditation around the world.  Find out why he inspired so many to Just BE!

Gautama Buddha, also known as Siddhārtha Gautama, Shakyamuni, or the Buddha lived about 2500 years ago.  He was born in the Himalayan foothills, and taught primarily in northeastern India. 

By working directly with Buddha energetically, you can practice:

- Raising your vibration, letting-go of: the past, the future.. to BE here Now.
- Playing as the Swinging Door.
- Validating, clearing and experiencing your connection as spirit, to your body, to the Earth & to the Divine.
- Allowing a healing, spiritual perspective, letting go of attachments and resistance - being clear so the slings and arrows coming your way do not stick!
- Clearing heavy-dark vibrations, as well as other's expectations, emotions, opinions & religious information.

March 24, 2014: 
June 2012: Raising our Vibration with Ascended Master, Buddha

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ascended Master Lemar: BE the Change

Healing, Growth, Learning can be fun and easy.
Say YES to Change with Ascended Master Lemar!

Lemar can inspire us to:
- Change/heal ourselves and our world.
- Open to a new way of running our creative/healing energies: create through our expereince of oneness/affinity.
- Open physically and spiritually to change: new growth, movement, learning, creativity, healing that is change, and springtime creativity, lushness, growth & vitality.

Lemar can assist us to:
- Enjoy comfortable, high-energy growth periods!
- Release the 'rubber band effect' - overcome the ties that pull us back to that same old place.
- say hello to a whole new way of BEing!

workshop:Say YES! to Healing, Growth, Learning & Change with Ascended Master Lemar

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ascended Master, Mother Mary: BE with what IS

Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus,  is known the world-over as a Powerful, Compassionate Presence.

I work a lot with Mary in deep healing, in releasing invalidation and unreality, in realizing our wholeness.  I have worked the longest with Jesus and Mary, and they are some of my closest spiritual friends.

I see Mary working particularly with these incredibly powerful and life-changing vibrations:
  •  truth, validation, forgiveness, acceptance, gratefulness, trust, certainty and 
  • experiencing the reality of our own wholeness, which is healing.
Allow yourself to create or deepen your present-time relationship with Mary, clear your own and other's opinions & general religious information about her.
Come to KNOW Mary deeply for yourself, and be Supported as you come to a Powerful, Compassionate Presence in this Reality.

To get a flavor for the kinds of work you can do with Mary, and the kinds of flavors she works well with, please see blog post:  Forgiveness: Not by might nor by power, but by Spirit

January 2014: Enjoy your Inner Wholeness: Practice operating from your Center with Mother Mary
December 2012: Healing Circle with Mother Mary: Healing Trauma in Connecticut and Our World 
August 2012, NJ:  Let It BE: Meditation with Mother Mary  
April 2012: Working With the Ascended Masters: Mother Mary
April 2012:  Psychic Learning, Healing, and Growth with the Ascended Masters: Theresa, Jesus, Mother Mary & Ganesh
March 2012, NJ: Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master: Mother Mary

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ascended Master Anna-Lei-He: BE Graceful Transformation

Anna-Lei-He is a Hawaiian Ascended Master who has been lost to history.

Work with Anna-Lei-He, to spiritually choose to be in the FLOW as "the old life is gone; a new life has begun!"
Find your unique way to welcome your seasonal changes, with ease and grace (instead of like a cat, trying to avoid a bath ; ) 

Life is change.
Learning, Healing and Growth are a central part of our lives on Sandbox Earth.

Spiritual Traditions through time have rituals, stories and Masters/Deities who validate and support the inexorability of our Transitions.

There are so many examples in mythology, they are called death-rebirth-deities: Ra, Osiris/Orion, Jesus, Dionysus, Inanna/Ishtar, Persephone...
Along with Mother Nature, like the Phoenix renewing, they mirror OUR internal/spiritual shifts.

Additionally, our life on this planet is Particularly Tumultuous right now.  And with these evolutionary shifts, many are experiencing a lot of, well, SUFFERING.

We ARE in this evolutionary process; and meanwhile, we can ENJOY life!

We can let go of our resistance, angst, friction. and move through our learning and growth cycles with more ease and grace.

When we move from one spiritual cycle to the next, it can feel like Death for our bodies, egos, POVs!
When we have identified with our stories, our ego, our body, our thoughts, our feelings, our work, our community, our family, etc.
When these things fall-away, many cry: WHO AM I, without this?

Change can be experienced as tearing, out of our control. but it doesn't HAVE to be that way!

Ascended Master Anna-Lei-He walks in Present-time Beauty, Ease, Grace;
and goes through her transformations quickly and in the same manner.
Who wouldn't want to walk the Earth as she did?

April 2013: Transformation with Ease & Grace: Meditation Workshop with Anna-Lei-He

Ascended Master Violet: BE Safety, Comfort and Ease

Ascended Master Vliet-anan-ananda, Violet for short, 
was a blind Seer who embodied Safety, Comfort & Ease...
making way for the vibrations of Excitement and Enthusiasm.

Meet this Master who has been lost to history. Learn to more Comfortably:
- Live your life on a foundation of Safety - the authentic way to connect with the Earth and function in this Reality.
- Be Yourself, access your Gifts in Ease, Unveil your Light.
- Enjoy your Excitement, share your Gifts with the world.
- Let your Divine essence flow, ride the wave of your own Enthusiasm = 'God in us'.

June 2014:

Ascended Master Ganesh: Contain ALL of Life

Lord Ganesha is widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles.
He certainly is Well Grounded and absolutely unstoppable!

He held the opposites of life on this planet more widely than anyone I have seen!
Physically, in this reality: he was HERE, present and accounted for: all in!
Spiritually, as spirit in alignment with his Source, with his own Divinity, with his own Path: knowing his spiritual Royalty/Seniority here on the Earth: all in!

Allow yourself to create or deepen your present-time relationship with Ganesh, clear your own and other's opinions & general religious information about him.
Come to KNOW Ganesha deeply for yourself, and be Supported as you Dig-into this physical reality AND Reach for the Stars!

By working directly with Ganesha, spiritually, you can learn to:
  • Allow spiritual strength, safety and ease in your body and your life.
  • Enjoy spiritual focus, seniority and conscious connection to the God of your Heart (your unique experience of Source) and your unique Path.
  • Be Inspired to Embrace the opposites of our human existence, as he does: physically, SO Earth-connected AND energetically, SO spiritually-focused.
September 2014:
July 2013: Meditation & Healing with Ascended Master Ganesh
April 2012:  Psychic Learning, Healing, and Growth with the Ascended Masters: Theresa, Jesus, Mother Mary & Ganesh

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ascended Master Jagina: Manifest like a Monarch

An Ascended Master that has been lost to history:
  • Jagina was a powerful Sorceress, hidden in plain sight, who lived in what would become the Southwest US. 
  • She is a Master of Manifestation into the physical world. 
  • She also held her power strongly, without overt confrontation, with 'Authorities' and social pressure to conform.

By working directly with Jagina you can learn to:
  • Empower and vitalize the energetic foundations of your physical body.
  • Turn within to enjoy the spiritual vibration of change: new growth, movement, learning, creativity, healing that is change, and springtime creativity, lushness, growth & vitality.
  • Access your conscious spiritual creativity with royal power & ease;  Jagina says: "If you knew the Malleability of Matter, your life would change."

March 2015: Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina -Meditation Workshop
Nov 2012: Conscious Creation: Manifesting with Ascended Master Jagina 
April 2015: 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ascended Master, the Red Dragon: Live an Empowered Life

The Red Dragon was a forerunner of the Samurai tradition.
He is a Master of Owning Space.
This is a Master lost to history: get to Know him, and take charge of your own Life!

By working directly with the Red Dragon you will have the opportunity to learn and practice:
  • Inviting Vitality, Fierce Unstopability & Life-Force energy, to support the energetic foundations of your physical body, as well as your spiritual life.
  • Clearing foreign energy/information and Releasing Victim Energy/Habits, to free yourself to create a whole new, empowered life.
  • Taking charge of the body energy of Anger, as well as the Dragon Fire & Roar in your internal system, and harnessing it to energetically say: 'get off my toes": 
    • stop 'putting up with' unnecessary aggravation; 
    • clear past or foreign anger and other stuck emotions;
    • enjoy the equanimity to act in the world according to your enlightened self-interest instead of in reactive anger. 
    • utilize anger to 'backwash' your system
In advanced workshops, you can learn with the Dragon, to 
  • Allow Kundalini energy: transmuting physical as well as spiritual energy that you are done-with, into raw spiritual power to energize your life and your creations.

Sept 2012: Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon- similar to listed in Aug 2012 - more description here, with followup: We Happen to Life
Dec 2012: Ascended Master Red Dragon: An Ally in our Abundance and Conscious Creation 
Aug 2012: Live an Empowered Life with Ascended Master, the Red Dragon:  Vitality & Ownership of our Space; Anger & Dragon Fire and Roar; Clearing Victim energy & habits; Head-Channel Clean-outs; Running Kundalini - 6 hours for all

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ascended Master Theresa: Bask in Powerful Love

About Theresa:
  • Theresa is an Ascended Master that has been lost to history - not one of the famous saints.  
  • She was a peasant from the Middle Ages, who worked hard to care for her large family and created beautiful community.  
  • She also managed to live present in the moment, in joyful, love-filled ease.  
  • She enjoyed inner freedom that manifested in her world in amazing ways.  
  • Get to Know her, and make a friend for life!

By working directly with Theresa you can learn to:
  • Raise your vibration, let go of: the past, limits, and heavy vibrations that have held you back.
  • Strengthen, vitalize and reinforce the energetic foundations of your physical body.
  • Turn within to enjoy the spiritual vibrations of freedom, amusement, permission, havingness and affinity. 

Feb 2014: Knowing Love! A Long-Sunday Meditation Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa
due to weather, this was rescheduled, March 2014: Ascended Master Theresa on LOVE! (A Long-Sunday Meditation Workshop)
Dec 2013: Give Yourself Permission: Create & Own Your Life with Ascended Master Theresa
Sept 2012: Allow Joy & Ease: Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Theresa 
August 2012, NJ: Love YOUR Body: Meditation (with Ascended Master Theresa)
April 2012:  Psychic Learning, Healing, and Growth with the Ascended Masters: Theresa, Jesus, Mother Mary & Ganesh
Feb 2011, NJ: Healing Workshop w/ Ascended Master Theresa

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ascended Master Jesus: Our Golden Inspiration

Many people have opinions for, against and about Jesus; but most don't actually KNOW HIM, at all.

Regardless of how judgmental and boring some folks portray Jesus in modern America, that is not at all my experience of him. For me, and many folks I know, Jesus is fun, he is laid-back and easy to be with, he is incredibly validating, he is powerful, and he is a wonderful guide and role-model for us to live in present-time, in alignment with God and live lives filled with delightful and delicious, spiritual gifts and abilities.

By working directly with Jesus you can learn to:
  • Raise your vibration and let go of the past, other's energies, and heavy, dark vibrations;
  • Validate your connection as spirit to your body, to the Earth and to the God-of-Your-Heart;
  • Utilize gold vibration to realize divinity on earth, as well as to heal, own clean and present-time your system;
  • Allow emotional healing and become less judgmental by utilizing the spiritual perspective of neutrality.

I encourage you to:
  • Clear other's opinions and religious information about Jesus, and
  • Get to know this powerful, high-energy Master for yourself.  
  • When we come into a present-time, spiritual relationship with Jesus, we gain a friend and guide for life!

Meditation Workshop:
May/June 2015 Phone Class:
May 2015: Align with your Source, with Ascended Master Jesus (Meditation Workshop)
April 2015, NJ: Meditation & Healing Circle with Master Jesus
April 2015, NJ: Meditation Workshop: Align with your Source
January 2014  Start your New Year at GOLD, with Ascended Master Jesus
August 2012: Meditation & Healing Workshop with Ascended Master Jesus 
August 2012, NJ:  Meditation & Healing Workshop with Master Jesus 
April 2012:  Spiritual Learning, Healing, and Growth with the Ascended Masters: Theresa, Jesus, Mother Mary & Ganesh 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ascended Master, St Francis of Assisi: BE Connected

St Francis of Assisi is an Ascended Master who is beloved the world-round for his connection to nature, his care for animals, his compassion for all.
He is magnetic with a wonderful loving energy.
We can learn form him to Connect to ALL, opening to LIFE

We can learn energetically/spiritually from St Francis, an incredibly magnetic Ascended Master, how he:

• Connected-to (Grounded) and received from the Earth (leg channels), resonating with the Earth and all of nature; connecting and creating without effort.
• Accessed unlimited possibilities and manifestations through his connection with his own body-center (2nd chakra).
• Opened his heart (4th chakra) and his communication (5th chakra) in tenderness, kindness, care, and compassion with every living creature.
• Offered his gifts to the world (arm channels), from the heart.

And we can allow ourselves to experience this way-of-being, for ourselves.

June 2015 -

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Ascended Master Sabrina: BEing Playful and Malleable

Sabrina is a Very high-vibration Master, lost to history, but available to us!
She Brings her tremendous spiritually-focused, creative LIFE into this world.
She shows us what it is like to be free, graceful, ease-full in a world where heavy, serious and significant are confused with maturity.

She occurs to me often as a child, and as such playful, imaginative, able to turn-on-a-dime.
She also occurs to me often like a lenticular (standing) cloud, and as such adaptable, magically changeable, and not earth-bound.

She helps us expereince in our bodies, in our lives, in this reality, in this world our ability to be free, to have fun, to not be weighed-down.

She is great friends with Jesus, and it is so easy to see in her many of the things Jesus spoke-of, which many of us have trouble hearing from him.  Of course, this is the most obvious example:
I tell you the truth, unless you turn around and become like little children, you will never enter the reign of the heavens (spiritual reality).

Create your world, like a child playing in a sandbox

Our imagination is Everything.
Then all we need to DO is PLAY our creations into Reality.

Yes, we create what we expereince;
but also WHO we BE while we create IS our experience:
Are we angry? fearful? joyful? easeful?
Then That is our expereince, AND our creations in this world.

Skipping and Light IS the secret to Life

Come SEE the world as a place of great play and amazing malleability.
Easy, Easy, Fun, Easy.

Experience the Excitement and Aliveness of high-vibration experience!
When we are FULL of Light, we are impelled into Action - bringing Light into our World.

Let Go of all concepts and habits around what it is to be an adult... an allegedly responsible person in the world.
We can expereince our lives in a child-likeness that can naturally shift our expereince from hard to easy, stuck to skipping,  heavy to light, curse to blessing

Meet Ascended Master Sabrina: lost to history, but available to us!
Sabrina is a Very high-vibration Ascended Master, bringing her tremendous spiritually-focused, creative LIFE into this world.
She shows us what it is like to be free, graceful, ease-full in a world where heavy, serious and significant are confused with maturity.

Nov 24, 2014 Meditation Workshop:


Ascended Master Lao Tzu: BEing Dynamic Balance

Lao-Tzu literally “Old Master” was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer.
Author of the Tao Te Ching, founder of philosophical Taoism.
He is seen as a deity in religious Taoism and Chinese folk religions. 
Lived circa 6-4th century BCE.

Holding space - will add info soon ; )

Ascended Master: White Buffalo Woman

Holding space - will add info soon ; )